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APC power distribution
Rack power distribution


Switched Rack PDU

(1.4 kW - 12.5 kW, 15A - 50A, Horizontal or Vertical Mount)
Switched rack PDUs provide load metering combined with controlled on/off switching by individual outlets for remote power recycling, delayed power sequencing of equipment and outlet use management.
APC Metered Rack PDU

Metered Rack PDU

(1.4 kW - 16.2 kW, 15A - 60A, Horizontal or Vertical Mount)
Metered rack PDUs provide real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. User-defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures occur.
APC Basic Rack PDU

Basic Rack PDU

(1.4 kW - 14.4 kW, 15A - 50A, Horizontal or Vertical Mount)
Reliable power distribution
APC Rack PDU Accessories

Rack PDU Accessories

Cord retention brackets and vertical-mount bracket kits to complete rack power distribution solutions