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APC Smart-UPS Accessories Series
Output Hardwire Kit, 5kVA

APC Smart-UPS Accessories Series

*Please note: Product descriptions, specifications and part numbers have been sourced from and may refer to the US products which differ from products which will be supplied in Australia. Data sheets can be provided upon request for the Australian equivalent to these products.

Features & Benefits:

Backplate PDU Options Diverse power distribution unit options designed to mount directly onto the backplate of Smart-UPS units, streamlining power distribution.
External Standard and Switched PDU Options External power distribution units available in standard and switched variants for flexible power management and control.
Matching Battery Cabinets (Smart-UPS XL) Battery cabinets designed to match Smart-UPS XL units, extending runtime capability to ensure continuous power during outages.
Management Devices Tools and devices tailored for monitoring, control, and configuration of Smart-UPS units, enhancing manageability and control.
Service Products Accessories focused on maintenance, repair, and serviceability to ensure ongoing functionality and longevity of Smart-UPS units.
Mounting Options Various mounting accessories providing adaptable installation solutions for different environments and setups.
Enhanced Availability Customizable options increase availability by tailoring the UPS setup to specific power needs.
Adaptability Provides flexibility in power management, catering to diverse setups and requirements.
Improved Serviceability Streamlines maintenance processes, ensuring ongoing functionality and reliability.
Efficient Manageability Tools and accessories offer effective monitoring and control options for UPS units.
Enhanced Performance Enables optimized UPS performance and functionality for various scenarios.